China's Internet of Things technology has been applied in many fields

"China's Internet of Things key breakthroughs in technology research and development to achieve breakthrough has now begun in agriculture, public safety, urban transport, health care and other fields have been applied." Propaganda Department in Wuxi New District on February 14 organized by the perception of the center of the media concentration During the interview, Chen Dapeng, deputy director of the Research and Development Center of the Internet of Things of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Internet of Things Research and Development Center, is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Wuxi municipal government three joint innovative research and development institutions. Over the past few years, the center has conquered the development of the core chip and device of IoT, the prototype of IoT data module, the vehicle remote monitoring terminal and system vehicle management and service system, the video judgment and management system, the roadside video capture and analysis system, Life cycle management system and other key technologies research and application, made a series of major breakthroughs.

The center has achieved remarkable demonstration effect and social and economic benefits in core technology research and development, standard setting, key research and development, transfer of scientific and technological achievements, cultivation of new industries and cultivation of professional and technical personnel. With the support of major national projects, the research and development of 1200V / 15A, 20A, 25A, 40A, 100A IGBT series products and 1700V / 25A IGBT chopper module have been successfully researched and developed by CNNC. In induction heating, photovoltaic power station, inverter welding machine, , UPS and other fields have been applied. The 1700V / 25A IGBT chopper module developed for customer requirements has been used in Xinjiang solar power station, which is the first large-scale application of domestic IGBT chip in the field of solar power generation. At present, the equipment has been running steadily for 2,200 hours and is planned to be popularized and applied to 5 power stations this year. Supported by the China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and the Wuxi Municipal Government, "Agricultural Internet of Things" application demonstration project has been developed and completed two-dimensional code mobile phone intelligent identification system, automatic identification system of stealth code, agricultural commodity quality traceability system, agricultural Capital goods distribution and tracking system, agricultural logistics intelligent scheduling system, personalized agricultural technology service system, agricultural advertising precision delivery system, agricultural products supply and demand docking system 8 service system, and strive to pass 3 years to build Wuxi The national "agricultural resources Internet of Things" technology demonstration base to promote full application of Wuxi agricultural resources Internet of Things, Wuxi will be built into the national information center for agricultural information and the national "agricultural resources Internet of Things" Industrialization Radiation Center. Reporter Guozhong correspondent Wong Ming-shih (Editor: ioter)

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