LED display maintenance clean up thoroughly

LED electronic display as indoor and outdoor display media, during use, it is inevitable that due to pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, temperature changes and other factors caused by LED display failure, thus affecting the normal use of the display. Therefore, regular screen cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance are essential. So what do we mainly do in daily maintenance?

First, the patrol inspection of the general LED display is using "monthly inspection system", large LED display maintenance are implemented "week patrol inspection system", specific maintenance content and response speed commitment:

1, LED display screen body maintenance, including lamp, module, module, power supply, control card;

2, LED display control system maintenance, including the controller, fiber converter card, distributor, send card;

3, LED display special playback operating software, including playback software maintenance, upgrades;

4, regular (monthly) technical staff on-site inspection, inspection and maintenance of the system;

5. The major activities are guaranteed: The company's technical staff guides to ensure the smooth development of on-site activities.

6, for outdoor LED display, due to wind, rain, lightning, electricity and other natural factors caused by the damage, not within the scope of the warranty. The owner is required to insure the insurance company and is paid by the insurance company.

7, maintenance services, the general failure within 8 hours to solve maintenance problems, major accidents do not exceed 24 hours. Maintenance to replace modules and other accessories, no more than 24 hours. After the maintenance is completed, the 壹 service ensures that the large screen does not have any faults above the module level (such as the color cast of the module, the black module, and the unlit row) and play normally.

Second, clean up For the lower protection level of the display, especially the outdoor screen, the dust in the atmosphere from the ventilation hole into the device, for fans and other equipment will accelerate the wear and even damage. Dust may also fall on the surface of the display device to control the device, reducing heat conduction and insulation performance. In humid weather, dust absorbs moisture in the air and causes short circuit. In the long term, it may cause mildew in the PCB board and electronic components, resulting in a decline in the technical performance of the device. error occured. Therefore, the cleanup of LED display screens seems simple, and it is actually a very important part of the maintenance work.

Third, fasten the LED display belongs to high power consumption equipment, after running for a considerable period of time, due to multiple start and stop and operation, which part of the power supply terminal due to cold and heat will cause loose, contact is not solid, the formation of virtual connection, serious Will heat up and even ignite the next plastic element. The signal terminals are also loosened due to the change of the ambient temperature, hot and cold, and the moisture erosion causes poor contact, which in turn leads to equipment failure. Therefore, the connector of the LED display screen must be tightened regularly. When adjusting the fasteners, the force should be applied evenly and properly to ensure solid and effective.

Fourth, the screen surface clean The LED display screen under the two conditions of light and black screen for visual inspection. Including: whether the display surface is contaminated, the purpose is to remove the effect of surface dirt on the light emitting characteristics; whether the display surface has damage cracks; communication distribution cable lines are normal; for the equipment of high protection level, although due to the high reliability The components and connectors, but resulting in hermeticity has become a key factor, therefore, to regularly check the integrity of the seal; for outdoor screen steel structure to check the surface paint and rust; for the outdoor screen surface is particularly serious pollution, but also Clean the display surface.

LED display cleaning is a high-altitude operation and requires a professional cleaning team. The cleaning operation adopts a high-altitude hanging rope method (commonly known as the spider man) or hang blue, and configures professional cleaning equipment. The cleaning personnel selects different cleaning agents according to different dirt on the screen to perform targeted cleaning, thereby ensuring that the LED tube is not damaged. And under the premise of the mask to complete the LED display cleaning.

There are two things to note when preparing for cleaning:

1. Before cleaning, you need to pull out the power cord.

2. The choice of cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic fluid, etc., to choose good quality, in order to effectively clean the LED screen dust and other imprints.

Cleaning and maintenance are divided into three steps:

The first step: vacuuming. First remove and remove the dirt and dust from the display mask surface.

The second step: wet wash. Be careful not to spray the lotion directly on the screen. Instead, spray a small amount of cleaning solution on the cleaning cloth and gently wipe it in the same direction. It is also possible to scrub the lamp mask with a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt.

The third step: drying. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water marks left after the wet wash to ensure that the display mask is clean and dust-free.

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