Domestic 12,000-watt industrial-grade fiber laser came out in Tianjin

On 27th, the high-energy laser technology team of Tianjin Dongfang Rui Ra company Unitech Science and Technology University of China Institute of Optics and Electronics, China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., successfully developed an industrial fiber laser with a power of 12,000 watts. The comprehensive performance index International first-class standard. The advent of this product completely breaks the reliance on imports of domestic 10,000-watt fiber lasers and makes the domestic 10,000-watt fiber lasers to a new level.

Currently, high-power fiber lasers are mainly used in thick-plate cutting and welding. The 10,000 watt fiber laser quickly cuts carbon steel up to 40 mm in thickness, 30 mm in stainless steel, and 15 mm in aluminum and copper. On this basis, can be widely used in industrial manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other fields.

Previously, high-power fiber lasers were monopolized by a few foreign companies. The advent of 12000W Fiber Laser of RuiRu Company effectively filled the blank of high power fiber laser in the domestic market and provided the core source power for our country's rapid transformation and upgrading in the field of high-end heavy equipment manufacture, especially for Tianjin Laser Intelligence The promotion of manufacturing industry has laid a solid and powerful foundation.


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