The development of the tablet machine industry is promising.

In recent years, advances in science and technology have led to new innovations in pharmaceutical machinery. Various new types of pharmaceutical machinery products have emerged in an endless stream. Demand for the tablet press market has also continued to increase, and the development prospects are extremely broad. However, in the entire industry of tablet presses, homogeneity is serious and the industry lacks competitive products.

China's tablet press and tablet technology have also achieved rapid development. However, for a long time, due to weak basic research, lack of talents, and lack of perfect innovation mechanisms, there is still a lot of foreign advanced tablet presses and tablet technologies. Big gap.

Tablet press and tablet technology are the most common and important in the pharmaceutical preparation industry. Although tablet presses have been available since the early 19th century, the new tablet press and tablet technology are still in the 21st century. keep appearing. High-speed and high-volume production are the goals that tablet press manufacturers have been pursuing for many years. Currently, the world's leading tablet press makers already have a tablet press with an output of 1 million pieces per hour.

The main development direction of foreign tablet presses: production under the conditions of intelligent and ultra-micro cell control and sealing. Some even used magnetic powder clutches and magnetic powder brakes and other transmission equipment, indicating that foreign presses have gone one step further. Sealing, modularization, automation, large-scale and advanced on-line inspection technology will be the most important development direction of the tablet press technology, and the tablet press will continue to advance towards perfect production.

The development direction of current tablet press technology is intelligence, flexibility, precision, and compliance with the requirements for the upcoming implementation of cGMP. The product's high and new technology content has been continuously improved, and automation technology, numerical control technology such as mechanical, pneumatic, liquid, optical and magnetic technologies are integrated. , sensor technology, new material technology, etc. are widely used in tablet presses.

In recent years, the domestic design and production level of the tablet press have achieved considerable development in recent years. However, there are still large gaps in foreign presses. The development of domestic tablet presses is still a long way ahead, and it still requires us to press. Tablet machine research, production and manufacturing personnel continue to work hard.

At the moment when the tablet press industry is facing a new round of structural adjustments, technological upgrades, and product replacements, domestic companies need to adopt independent innovation and in-depth digestion to develop their businesses and enhance their competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude and develop their industry's leading products.

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