Don't want Apple to shut down, battery still lasts?

iphone4S mobile phone

According to, how many dollars do you buy Apple phones? Do you think that most of your friends still cherish their iPhones, and now I’m going to take a look at how to maintain the iPhone4S. The battery makes it last longer and saves more power!

Friends who use iPhone4S know that the iPhone4S phone has a fatal problem that the battery life is short. Sometimes we need to charge the iPhone4S once a day, even for a long time. If you encounter this problem often, you will feel upset. Maybe you will ask how to extend the battery life? In fact, the iPhone 4S battery is used for a short time, mainly due to the extra features of the iPhone4S. By turning off these features, you can extend the usage time. Let's see how to set it up?

1, close the "set time zone"

Settings - Location Services - System Services - Set the time zone, click Close, once you turn off the Set Time Zone feature, your battery life can be increased by up to 40%.

2, to keep the low temperature This should be considered a common sense, the higher the cell phone battery temperature, the more energy consumed, the battery life will naturally be shorter. If you use your iPhone 4S phone in a hot climate, you should try to get your phone out of the heat and don't put it in your car. In addition, when your phone is hot to the touch, it is best not to use it, and then reduce its temperature and reuse it, which will also help improve the battery life of your iPhone.

3, turn off 3G and Bluetooth Although 3G and Bluetooth are very useful features, but they will quickly run out of battery power. To extend your battery life, you can turn these two features off from Settings. Of course you can reactivate them when you need them.

To maximize battery life, you can also consider turning off the WiFi setting. If you use this feature, your phone will continuously search for wireless signals, which will consume more battery power. And when you want to use it within a certain range of WiFi signals, you can activate this feature again to maintain battery life.

4. Close notifications This includes various notifications: push notifications, application notifications, and email read notifications. All of this will shorten battery life, so if you want your iPhone to have a longer battery life, it's best to turn it off. You can still log in to various apps and then update them, but you can't update them automatically, only manually. To turn off notifications, click on "Settings" to edit each application.

In Settings, click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and then select "Get New Data" and under "Acquire" change your settings to "Manual". This means that your phone does not regularly access new data from the mail server, only when you ask about it.

5, the phone is set to ringtone mode

Some users think that setting the phone to vibration mode will save power. The fact is that the vibration mode consumes more battery power. Therefore, setting the phone to ringtone mode is more energy efficient. In the setting - sound, turn off the vibration.

6. Turn off the location service GPS (Global Positioning System) will consume a lot of energy from the battery. If you use location services, or like Facebook and Twitter, your phone will consume more battery power. This doesn't mean you can't use the map function in your phone, just say it's temporarily turned off, and then activate when you need to use this feature, which will better extend battery life. To close the service, click on "Settings", select "Location Services" and change to "Off", which will automatically disable all applications to use this feature.

7, do not use applications with a lot of data

Unfortunately, this includes some interesting applications. Such as music, games and multimedia, these can be seen as applications with a lot of data, which shortens the battery life of mobile phones at an alarming rate. If you really want to extend the battery life of your phone, then refrain from using it as little as you can.

8, the screen is darker This is like a laptop, your iPhone4S screen brightness will affect how long your battery energy can last. A bright screen naturally consumes more battery power. Change your screen brightness by the "Settings" option, then click on "Brightness" to turn off the automatic brightness and manually adjust to the appropriate brightness.

9. Change the automatic lock setting. The shorter the time setting for automatically locking the phone, the more energy saved. Click "Settings", "General", then select "Autolock" to change the setting to "1 minute" or less.

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