One-step fluidized bed dryer technology in Changzhou has been synchronized with international

Jiangsu Changzhou One-Step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to independent innovation and technological innovation. After 18 years of development, the company has accumulated rich practical experience in the dry field, and uses advanced professional technology and management system to strictly implement ISO9000 quality management during the production process. System standards, do three major inspections, strengthen process control, ensure that qualified products leave the factory, improve product market share.

At present, the main export products of dryers in China are vacuum vibrating fluidized bed dryers, vibrating fluidized bed dryers, small and medium-sized grain foodstuffs, and agricultural and forestry native products spray granulation dryers. The annual export volume exceeds 100 units, and the main export areas It is Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has opened the door to the European and American markets. At present, the total output of vibrating fluidized bed dryers in China accounts for less than 5% of the total volume of home-made vibrating fluidized bed dryers.

It is understood that a new type of vibrating fluidized bed dryer developed and produced by the national high-tech enterprise Jiangsu Changzhou One-Step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has recently been delivered to a company in Hainan, and has attracted a number of units to order multiple sets of units, and orders have been produced. The company's new type of vibrating fluidized bed dryer is technological innovation based on the absorption of foreign advanced fluidized bed technology. After several improvements and improvements, the technology has been synchronized with the international.

The machine's innovative and innovative structure and device are: the material outlet has an adjustable material blocking device, which can effectively extend the material retention time, and at the same time make the discharge speed easier to control and ensure the drying effect; the upper and lower boxes are arc structures, Stronger anti-vibration capability, beautiful appearance; reasonable overall structure, which can reduce the power of vibration appliances and save energy; using a special spring damping device, greatly improving the service life, reducing the noise pollution of the whole machine, and the equipment running more smoothly. Material flow is more uniform.

In addition, the vibration strength of the vibration motor is adjustable to ensure the effective fluidization of the material in the drying process; all parts in contact with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel materials and finely polished. The whole machine adopts a circular arc structure, and the interior adopts a dead-end design. And there are many clean doors to make cleaning very convenient and can meet GMP requirements.

The product has been exported to foreign countries many times and successfully applied in the production of coffee creamer. It has been successfully used in food, health care products, and chicken essences in the domestic market and has been widely praised by users.

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