Solution for blind area of ​​magnetic flap level gauge

The range of the magnetic flap level gauge is the distance between the two flange centers, and the upper flange to the top of the tank, and the lower flange to the can lower is the so-called dead zone, but there is no dead zone if this distance is known Now. Calculate the tank when you can calculate it. This mounting structure is due to the working principle of the magnetic flap level gauge. First, the float itself must have a length. Even if it is short and has a length, when the liquid level is zero or close to zero, in order to achieve an accurate measurement effect, the float must be measured at the beginning of zero float, so the blind area must be Consider the length of float below zero level.

Then when the liquid level is full, it is the same reason. The bottom of the float must be above the full liquid level. This explains why there is a blind zone in the magnetic flap level gauge, and these dead zone distances are fixed, and in the following two cases, there are different calculation levels:

1. The space below the bottom of the tank is enough to meet the distance of the blind area. Then the distance between the centers of the two flanges of the magnetic level gauge is the full liquid level distance. Do not consider the blind area.

2, if the bottom of the tank bottom enough to meet the blind part of the distance, in the design of the selection, when the flange installation is certainly between the bottom of the tank and the top, this time when the calculation of liquid level is necessary Consider the blind spot. The above two conditions are suitable for side-mounted magnetic flap level gauges. If top-mounted magnetic flap level gauges are used, there is no blind spot problem.

Welding Wires

MIG and flux-cored welding offer advantages over other welding processes, especially for the novice. With these two processes, the welding machine creates an arc between the work piece (what you want to weld) and a continuously consumable electrode (the "wire" in these Wire Welding processes). The operator need only focus on directing the MIG gun at the joint and proper motion. Most welding machines that can MIG weld can also flux-cored weld.

Welding Wire

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