Yuchai Wu Qiwei: Product R&D work in 2013 should bear fruit

On January 7, 2013, Yuchai Engineering Research Institute held a meeting to deploy a new year of R&D work. Wu Qiwei , general manager of Yuchai Corporation, attended the meeting and gave instructions.

At the meeting, Wu Qiwei announced to the R&D management personnel the objectives of the stock company's 2013 operating guidelines, and deployed the company's new business efficiency goals, revenue special projects, and technology and R&D plans. Wu Qiwei emphasized that the new year's product R&D work must be both fruitful and fruitful, and that each sector must be refined in accordance with the company's annual business policy objectives. It should focus on optimizing the original product development, improving quality, and seizing opportunities with high-quality products to win More markets and users; we must grasp the source, ensure quality, strictly unify the process, ensure the control of process consistency, and promote the application of innovative and effective new product review methods and process results.

Lin Zhiqiang, Chief Engineer of the Joint Stock Company and Dean of the Engineering Research Institute, deployed important research and development work in 2013 and requested all ministries and organizations to formulate detailed work plans and strictly follow the node to ensure the successful completion of the annual research and development goals.

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