·There are many vulnerabilities in the car management that fall into the legal crisis

Recently, the Uber (Uber) Guangzhou branch of the Internet car provider was subject to law enforcement inspection by the local management department, which once again triggered concern about the legal operation of the car.
Today, the "Internet +" is surging, and the emergence of the network car has stirred up a pool of spring water in the taxi market, providing a more convenient and more expensive choice for citizens to travel. However, as a new thing, the car market is in urgent need of regulation. How to step on the wire rope between development and supervision? This edition will launch the "Focus on the Network" series from today, to readers.
Increase income, transaction concealment, private car owners are willing to join a recent working day night peak, the reporter took a taxi from Shenzhen Meilin to Peking University Hospital, booked a comfortable car with a drip taxi, less than 3 minutes, received the driver dragon The phone call from Mr. Then a Honda car came to the reporter. There are mineral water, mobile phone charging lines and folding umbrellas for passengers. The fare is 15 yuan, the same as the taxi fare, but after using the coupon, the reporter only paid 5 yuan through WeChat.
“It’s getting harder and harder to grab a single ticket. Sometimes it’s not possible to get a single 100 meters nearby.” Mr. Long lamented that there were many orders at the peak, but now too many private cars join the special car, and the competition is fierce. He joined a group of drip drivers, with more than 1,300 people in the group, and people continue to join every day.
Mr. Long worked as a copywriter in a company and started part-time as a car driver three months ago. Before joining, he consulted a lawyer. The lawyer told him that the private car passenger was illegally operating, that is, the black car. But when I saw so many people around the car joining the car, there were not many police officers in Shenzhen who were seized by the traffic police. He was not afraid.
Mr. Long calculated the account: 3 hours after work every day, planing 20% ​​of the platform, 1.7% of the withdrawal fee and insurance for each single dollar, and then deducting the fuel cost, etc., net profit 70 to 100 yuan. “The cost of living in Shenzhen is high and the pressure is high. The income of the special car is 2,000 or 3,000 yuan a month, which can share part of the parking fee and mortgage.”
In Tianjin, the reporter used Uber to book a special car, and after a few seconds, the driver took the order. After 4 minutes, the car went downstairs.
From the mouth of the driver Song Xin (a pseudonym), Uber is now almost exclusively a private car. The Accord he opened is his own. He has just picked up Uber and earned extra money. Uber will reward the driver for subsidies. In Tianjin, during the morning peak period, each subsidy will be 28 yuan, and the evening peak subsidy will be 22 yuan. Uber does not charge the driver any fees, while Didi is a 20% commission per order.
Song Xin said that the lowest price of Uber in Tianjin is 8 yuan, which is lower than the local taxi starting price. Even so low, the driver said that according to the current Uber subsidy, as long as it is full-time, it is no problem to earn two or three thousand a month.
What if I get it? "I was worried that I would be found, but the cost is to go online. If there is no cash transaction, it will not be discovered. It is like sending a friend to a place." Song Xin said, if something happens, Just follow the private settlement between friends, and Uber is not responsible.
The application conditions for the special car are not high. What procedures do you need to go through to review the private car to become a special car?
On the driver application page of Uber's official website, the reporter saw that he wanted to become a special driver, and he had clear requirements on the price of the vehicle, the length of the factory, and the condition of the car. However, according to Song Xin, these conditions are not too big and can be easily passed in practice. He said that the online program is relatively slow, and you can go to a hotel with an ID card, driver's license, driving license and other relevant documents. You can do it on the same day. When the reporter asked if he needed to drive the past inspection and sign the agreement, Song Xin said: "No, you don't need to use it. Just install the software, bind the bank card, and the program is very simple."
In Shenzhen, the reporter applied for the application of Drip, Fast, Uber and Easy to four car drivers. Although they have certain requirements for joining the vehicle and the driver's qualifications, the conditions are not difficult to achieve, and the review is not strict. Executed as standard. Three days later, the reporter received a verification code from a special car company. This means that the audit has been passed, and as long as the car driver client is downloaded, the customer can be picked up.
In addition to the official website application, there are a number of car rental companies that hire Didi, Express, and Uber. The staff claimed that the company has a cooperative relationship with the car platform, which can help private car owners to join for free. The procedure is the same as the official website registration, but the progress of the review is faster. “It takes 3-7 days for the application to be applied, and we can get the fastest one day.”
What are the conditions to be approved?
The requirements of the official website and car rental company are usually less than 100,000 kilometers in 5 years, with strong insurance, car damage insurance, commercial insurance of more than 300,000 yuan; driver actual driving age of 3 years or more, C1 and above driver's license, no bad Driving and major traffic accident records, familiar with the city's roads and good health.
However, in addition to the easy on-site inspection, Drip, Quick and Uber issued an “access license” with just a few photos. Several car rental company staff also clearly told that it is possible to pass the review if they do not fully meet the standards. Among them, the "defense line" that can be broken even includes the history of red light and drunk driving. Is the bus driver required to submit a medical report or regular medical examination before taking up the job? The answer is “not needed”.
There are many loopholes in the car management, and the legality crisis has become a low-level entry barrier for private cars. There are also many loopholes in management. Ms. Shao, a citizen of Shenzhen, believes that the driver of the car cannot identify the identity from the dress. Is it possible to compare the photos on the phone to find out? "The safety of the car is not guaranteed. It can be played as much as possible."
In addition, due to the lack of training for the city's routes and road conditions, the car drivers are over-reliant on navigation, detours and wrong roads have caused many passengers to complain. The citizen Qianfeng started from Shenzhen Wuhe to Longhua, and the driver was not familiar with the route and sent him to Dongguan. "If the fare is expensive, I will give you a bad review." But in addition to complaining to the car platform and giving bad reviews, it is difficult for passengers to find other more effective solutions.
Many part-time car drivers also have bitter water. They told reporters that the platform customer service phone often fails to work, and it cannot be resolved as soon as possible when there is a dispute with the passengers; the car platform is too biased to the passengers, so that the driver is in a weak position in the service dispute and basically assumes full responsibility.
In response to the above problems, DDT taxi media public relations department responded that the current entry threshold for car drivers is not high, and is related to the standards of the entire industry. "If you raise the standard alone, it will lead to the loss of drivers and the reduction of the company's market share. Like other Internet companies, the private car company will occupy a large area in the initial stage, which will inevitably lead to a decline in service quality, but Didi has realized the problem and will formulate it. More stringent access standards and enhanced management."
At the same time, Didi also emphasized that in the field of special vehicles, the only partner is the car rental company, which does not include private car owners. However, the private car has become a special car by calling the leasing company, which still has caused the car to fall into a legal crisis.
According to the "Regulations on the Administration of Rental Cars in Shenzhen Special Economic Zones", taxis must obtain operating licenses before they can engage in leasing business. If a taxi-free operating license or a small-car with a road transport permit is engaged in passenger transportation, the municipal transport administration may temporarily detain the vehicle and impose a fine of 30,000 yuan. The driver must also have a driving permit to engage in taxi driving.
At present, Shenzhen's private cars that lack operational qualifications, whether or not they are linked to the name of a car rental company, are the targets of illegal operations. The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission said: "At present, Shenzhen is also waiting for the relevant policies of the Ministry of Communications on the management of special vehicles, and then do some coordination work accordingly. We encourage the exploration of the "Internet +" mode of private car services, but private cars are not allowed to enter the operation. The market is the bottom line."

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