Analysis of Refrigerator System Refrigeration System Faults

Analysis of Refrigerator System Refrigeration System Faults

The basic method for determining the common faults of air-conditioners in a refrigerated truck is: see, hear, touch, measure, and analyze.
1. Look at: Observe the working conditions of various components of the air-conditioner and focus on observing the three parts of the refrigeration system , electrical system, and air system to determine whether they are working properly. Freezer oil), or use a clean soft cloth or soft paper to wipe off the welding line. joint connections, observe whether the oil, in order to judge whether the leak.

2. Listen: Power on and listen to the air conditioner compressor running sound is normal, with or without abnormal sound, whether the fan operation noise, noise is too large, etc.. In the operation of air conditioners, under normal circumstances, the vibration is slight, the noise is small, generally Below 50DB. If the vibration and noise are too large, the possible causes are: foam pad, etc., all can make the air conditioner intensify during operation, and the noise becomes larger. Especially when it is just started and stopped, it is the most obvious. The chassis collided. Axial fan ran blades out of balance will be issued crash; if a foreign body in the fan blades collide with the crash also occur.

3. Touch: Feel the heat, vibration, etc. in the relevant parts of the air-conditioner to help determine the nature and location of the fault. Under normal conditions, the condenser temperature is gradually reduced from top to bottom, and the temperature at the bottom is slightly higher than Ambient temperature. If the entire condenser is not hot or the upper part is slightly warm, or is hot, but there are obvious differences in the temperature of the two adjacent pipes above and below, it is not normal. The evaporator under normal conditions will be watery. Fingers on the surface of the evaporator, there will be cold sticky feeling. Desiccator, outlet capillary in normal circumstances should have a warm feeling (slightly higher than the ambient temperature, and the condenser at the end of the pipeline temperature is basically the same), if felt in the normal case, the temperature should be almost the ambient temperature or lower than ambient dew condensation and the surface capillary each section has a temperature difference not normal. 200MM from the compressor at the intake pipe.

4. Measurement: In order to accurately determine the nature and location of the fault, instruments and meters are often used to check the performance parameters and status of the air conditioner.

Use a leak detector to check whether there is refrigerant leakage; use a multimeter to measure whether the power supply voltage, each terminal's ground-to-ground current and operating current meet the requirements, and the computer-controlled air conditioner should also measure whether the potential of each control point is normal.

5. Analysis: After the results obtained by the above-mentioned several inspection methods, most of them can only reflect a certain partial state. Each part of the air conditioner is in contact with each other and influence each other. One kind of failure phenomenon may have multiple reasons, and one kind of reason It may also produce a variety of faults. Therefore, Changchun Refrigerator Truck must conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of local factors, and Qingdao Refrigerator Truck can fully and accurately determine the nature and location of the fault.
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