Reorganization of Zhoushan Shipping Resources: New “One Sea” New Launch

It is reported that in the dilemma of the continued sluggish domestic and international shipping market and the poor operation of shipping transport enterprises, Zhoushan State-owned shipping enterprises took the lead in taking the key step of reform and upgrading: Zhejiang New in the integration and reorganization of shipping assets owned by Zhoushan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. a sealift Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a sea of new company) will be officially put into operation since May 1. The new "One Sea" will be implemented as a leading enterprise in Zhoushan shipping through the implementation of the "three-step" strategy, and the docking service for the construction of Zhoushan Jianghai Intermodal Service Center.

Zhejiang Zhoushan Yihai Shipping Co., Ltd. has been engaged in domestic coastal transportation for nearly 60 years. It has accumulated rich experience in shipping management and is the "cradle" of Zhoushan shipping industry. On this basis, Zhoushan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. integrated 17 domestic and foreign trade vessels owned by Yihai Company and Haixing Company (with a total capacity of 507,000 tons ) and established Xinyihai Company. The company's initial registered capital of 300 million yuan, mainly engaged in domestic and international bulk cargo transportation, oil transportation, chemical transportation and other services.
According to reports, Xinyihai Company will implement the “three-step” strategy with “enterprise operation, market operation and standardized management” as the operation mode: the first step is asset restructuring. After the establishment of the company, it will form 1 million in the near future. The second step is to seek strategic partners, and plan to introduce strategic investors such as central state-owned shipping companies, bulk cargo owners, shipping industry funds, etc., to absorb market effective resources to achieve market-oriented operation; It is timely reformed and listed, enters the open capital market, realizes marketization, scale, and intensive management, and finally becomes the leading shipping enterprise in our city, and becomes the benchmark for the reform of state-owned shipping enterprises in our city and even the whole province.

  In fact, Yihai Company, which uses coal for power generation as its main source of supply, has long-term operation of domestic coastal and Yangtze River midstream and downstream routes, and has established stable business relations with the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In the next step, Xinyihai Company will continue to strengthen the capacity supporting services and plan to develop a professional fleet of Jianghai Intermodal Transportation to make positive contributions to the construction of Zhoushan Jianghai Intermodal Service Center.

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