Jia Xinguang: Is the electric car a cloud?

According to a recent report, China’s Internet companies have cited China’s top 10 Internet vocabularies in 2010. The third is “Shenma is a cloud.” The cover of the 12th edition of an auto magazine is "Electric cars are clouds."

Last December, BYD conducted a media meeting. Mr. Xia Zhibing disclosed that in 2010 BYD sold 417 electric vehicles. Some media added "sell only" in front of 417 vehicles. Mr. Xia Zhibing said: It depends on how you saw it. In China, this figure may be the highest, because Changan executives have disclosed that none of the new energy vehicles in 2010 had been sold. If this is the case, BYD's sales of more than 400 vehicles are quite simple.

However, after the 2009-2010 high-temperature baking, the electric car seemed to be scorched, and the temperature dropped rapidly. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, so the word "cloud" appeared.

What do consumers care about electric cars? Some surveys have shown that the first is the price; the second is the convenience of charging; and the third is the mileage.

Some people mentioned that the history of four electric cars, Mr. Wang Binggang think that the first three failures are due to the use of lead-acid batteries, this time is a lithium battery, lithium battery energy is eight to ten times that of lead-acid batteries. So this time I feel I can win. However, the price of lithium batteries is very expensive. Taking electric bicycles as an example, lead-acid batteries weigh about 13 kilograms, while lithium batteries weigh only about 4 kilograms, but the price of lithium-powered bicycles is 4,800 yuan, which is three times the price of similar vehicles. Some people have predicted that the price of lithium batteries will drop to 1/3 of the current price after five years. If subsidies are added, it may be attractive. But that was five years later.

How to solve the convenience of charging? There is no unified plan. In some places, Dajian charging stations, but the electric vehicle charging station covers an area of ​​large, low charging efficiency (compared with gas stations), profitability may be more difficult. There are also proposals for battery replacement. However, the batteries are expensive and require relatively large investments. Furthermore, the specifications of batteries vary from plant to plant. How can they be unified?

As for mileage, on October 26 last year, an electric car modified with the Audi A2 arrived in Berlin from Munich. The total trip was 605 kilometers, and there was no charge in the middle. This is the latest world record. Reynolds once said that by 2015, the company's electric vehicles will have a single mileage of more than 240 kilometers, which is 30% higher than the current one. It is currently 160 kilometers. Changan declared that Benni MINI [review picture forum] has a maximum mileage of 150 kilometers. Some reports said that GM and Toyota's electric vehicles can travel for 25 kilometers on a single charge. BYD F3DM [review image forum] electric vehicles can travel 100 kilometers, and e6 can travel 300 kilometers under a single charge. Chery QQ mileage is expected to reach up to about 120 kilometers, Chevrolet Volt mileage of 64 kilometers.

These figures are confusing. At present, there are no objective data provided by third parties. It seems that the testing methods are also different. The fuel consumption of the car has already made everyone's minds paste. Now the mileage of the electric car is a bottle of glue.

Recently I saw an online discussion. It was reported that only 10,000 yuan was spent on electric vehicles. He said: "Cheap! Don't know if it is suitable? Where is it sold?" "How cheap is it? How about quality?" "Original price is 60,000 yuan, The state subsidizes 50,000 yuan and it only costs 10,000 yuan to buy it.” “If so, it is estimated that the country will go bankrupt.” “The news network said that the state has policies, the need for development, rest assured, the country posted Can afford it."

Consumers only have such confusing information. How can one feel comfortable buying? The most important thing for the development of electric vehicles is to make breakthroughs in the market, and the key to market breakthrough is that consumers can be happy to accept electric vehicles. How to make consumers accept? Start with the above three issues.

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