Hillman USA Acquires Fastener Servalite

According to PR Newswire, Hillman, The Hillman Companies, Inc. It was announced on the 7th that a subsidiary of the Hillman Group has acquired Servalite, Inc.

Servalite, Inc. is a wholesaler of household fasteners and related products in Illinois with annual sales of more than $20 million in 2009. Servalite creators Tom and Jennifer Rowe will continue their current responsibilities in Servalite.

Servalite, Inc. Founded in 1979 and founded by Tom and Jennifer Rowe, Seralite has been a major supplier of fasteners and “extremely special” components in the retail hardware market since its establishment. Servalite's expertise in special fasteners and electronic components will help Hillman provide value-added product services.

Hillman CEO Hillman said, "In the past 31 years, Hillman has always admired Servalite flexible program, excellent customer service, innovative products and outstanding staff. Servalite has established excellent customer reputation, With excellent traditions of quality products and excellent customer service, Hillman welcomes the addition of the Servalite team."

Sevalite officials Tom and Jennifer Rowe stated: "Servalite is very pleased to be part of Hillman. This acquisition connects two great brands and allows our customers to benefit from the advantages of the two industry leaders. This cooperation It is also confirmed that Hillman continues to be committed to the residential fastener industry."

Links: About Hillman Hillman Founded in 1964, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a value-added reseller leader with a single product volume of more than 60,000, Hillman's products include fasteners, key replication systems, engraving labels, and other hardware-related products, with more than 20,000 from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. The retail customers include industries such as home furnishings, shopping malls, national and regional hardware stores, and pet supply stores. Hillman provides integrated solutions to its retail customers, helping customers effectively manage intensive and complex home furnishings and more. In addition, Hillman also provides its customers with value-added services such as inventory management and in-store product services.

In May 2010, Oak Hill Capital Partners formed a partnership with Hillman's management team to acquire Hillman. Oak Hill Investments is a private equity company with a total of $8 billion in committed funds from leading entrepreneurs, endowment funds, foundations, companies, pension funds, and worldwide financial institutions. Oak Hill Investments is one of the rare Oak Hill investment partnerships, and each Oak Hill partnership has its own independent management team. These Oak Hill partnerships consist of more than $30 billion in multiple asset classes.

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