Soil moisture real-time monitoring system to determine the situation before turning green

Henan Province is a large agricultural province and a major province of grain production, especially winter wheat, which ranks first in the country both in sown area and output. According to statistics, in the 21st century, the Henan wheat production increased continuously, the sown area accounted for about 22% of the country's total, the total production share reached about 27%, and the wheat output accounted for about 5.7% of the national total grain output, which made an important contribution to China's food security. contribution. Therefore, the real-time monitoring of the real-time monitoring system of soil moisture in the planting areas of wheat, especially some important experimental sites, has a certain effect on increasing wheat yield.

In October of last year, the temperature in the province was high and precipitation was low. In Henan, Henan, and northern Henan, there was insufficient moisture content, which adversely affected the sowing of wheat, resulting in a longer sowing period in some regions. In November, there were three large-scale precipitation processes across the province. The real-time monitoring system for soil moisture was used to determine the water content at the time, which effectively improved the soil moisture situation in some areas in the early stage. It was not only favorable for the emergence of late-seeding wheat and the seedling emergence of sown and emerged wheat. , but also conducive to safe winter wheat.

During the pre-winter and mid-winter seasons, the temperature in the province was high and the precipitation was low. The soil moisture content measured by the real-time soil moisture monitoring system continued to decrease, but the growth of the wheat was slow with little effect. In the late winter, the temperature in the province remained low, but the amplitude was not changed. Large, no adverse effects on wheat growth. In mid-February, the whole province took a heavy snowfall in the middle to heavy snowfall. In the middle of the year, rain and snow appeared again, which effectively improved the soil moisture content and supplemented the soil moisture, providing good conditions for winter wheat to turn green.

After entering the suitable sowing period, due to prolonged heat (summer-autumn to October 30), high temperature and little rain resulted in accelerated soil loss in most parts of the province and rapid spread of drought. The soil moisture content real-time monitoring system averaged 58.02% of the soil relative water content at 0-20cm, and the relative soil moisture content of 20-40cm was 61.07%, which was 11.98% and 13.36% lower than the corresponding period of the 12th year.

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