Japan Seiko developed low friction ball bearings

Recently, Seiko developed a low-friction ball bearing for a vacuum cleaner motor and mass-produced it as an environmental contribution type product. Since the bearing reduces half of the friction during the rotation, the heat generated by the friction is reduced, and the long service life and high work efficiency are achieved.

1, sliding friction reduced by 50% (compared with the company's previous products)

Nowadays, the high-speed rotary motor used in most vacuum cleaners rotates about 45,000 rpm, which is a relatively large consumption of household electrical appliances. As the sliding friction is halved, the power consumption is also reduced.

2, the life expectancy is more than 3 times (compared with the company's previous products)

The service life is extended by more than three times due to the reduced heat generated by the internal friction of the bearing.

3, can be used interchangeably with the current product, no need to change the original bearing installation design

The main dimensions are based on ISO specifications and are interchangeable with existing products.

NSK has been working to reduce environmental pollution and other issues. The new product is expected to reach the sales target of 200 million yen per year by 2006.

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