High-voltage energy meter type evaluation method and detection technology research of the Institute of Electrical Engineering has been accepted

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] On August 30th, the company's scientific and technological project “Research on High-Voltage Electric Energy Meter Type Evaluation Method and Detection Technology” led by the China Electric Power Research Institute passed the acceptance of the State Grid Ministry of Science and Technology.

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The acceptance panel heard a report on the completion of the project, reviewed work reports, technical reports, intellectual property rights, etc. It was agreed that the project completed the research content stipulated in the contract and mission statement and agreed to pass the acceptance check.
The project conducted in-depth research on high-voltage energy meter type evaluation methods and detection technologies, proposed a high-voltage energy meter type evaluation method, completed the compilation of relevant national standards and local standards, developed a high-voltage power frequency magnetic field immunity test device and high voltage Many sets of devices, such as electric energy meter test devices, solve a series of technical problems such as high-voltage electric energy meter electromagnetic compatibility test and operation error checking, and lay a technical foundation for carrying out high-voltage electric energy meter type evaluation work.
The research results of this project can standardize the test, operation and maintenance of the high-voltage electric energy meter, help to improve the manufacturing level and product quality of the piezoelectric energy meter, and have a higher value of promotion and application.
(Original title: Research of the company's science and technology project "High-voltage energy meter type evaluation method and detection technology" passed the acceptance)

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