Hangzhou Adds Auto Market Auto City for Diversified Development

Since yesterday, another auto parts market in Hangzhou has settled in Hangzhou Automobile City. Since then, Hangzhou Motor City is no longer just selling cars. It has become Hangzhou's first auto shopping mall that integrates vehicle sales, automotive parts supply, car decoration, and car repair.

Hangzhou Auto City Auto Parts Market promotes the auto parts market with complete vehicle sales. The business area covers over 130,000 square meters, with more than 1,000 shops at 38-168 square meters, and more than 1,000 parking bays outside the venue. Vehicles are either in or out of the park. It looks quite spacious. The venue is equipped with electronic shopping guides, surveillance alarms, lighting communications and fire and security systems, as well as banks, post and telecommunications, insurance, registration, advertising, and information to provide customers with a one-stop service.

It is understood that in the month of investment promotion, 10% of the shops have opened for business, including some major auto parts dealers such as Shell, Nangang and Hainan Mazda. Relevant parties believe that although the current sales center of auto parts products is still concentrated in the East City auto parts market, with the renovation of Dongdaemun, Hangzhou auto logistics industry will present the trend of Dongcheng northward shift. It is imperative to gradually transfer the auto parts market to the north of the city where logistics is advantageous, and to form automobile sales, fast repair, and auto parts logistics centers. Therefore, the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Automobile City stated that Hangzhou Auto City Auto Parts Market will become the Hangzhou Auto Parts Center, and it will also be a large-scale auto parts base for Zhejiang auto parts companies to open up the domestic auto aftermarket and thus to enter the global auto parts procurement market.