25 new projects in Guangzhou to accelerate the development of auto parts industry

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission that the government is currently taking a series of measures to accelerate the development of the auto parts industry. At the Auto Parts Industry Information Exchange held recently, Ping Xinguang, director of the Municipal Economic Commission, briefed on the development of the auto industry in Guangzhou and the ideas and measures for accelerating the development of the auto industry. He pointed out that the auto parts industry is in a period of rapid development and a major leap forward.

Add 25 parts and components

According to the survey results of the municipal economic commission, the rapid development of the production scale of Guangzhou Honda, Aeolus, etc., has attracted a group of overseas companies to settle in Guangzhou, producing ancillary products for the Guangzhou vehicle companies, and making the Guangzhou auto industry chain increasingly perfect. So far, Guangzhou has a total of 25 auto parts projects under construction.

It is understood that as of January-August 2003, there were more than 200 auto parts enterprises in Guangzhou. There are 53 Guangzhou companies directly supporting Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle and Baolong 3 OEMs, accounting for about 14% of the total number of these three companies.

Proposed three major parts production bases

There are currently 15 vehicle manufacturers in Guangzhou. At the same time, the three major auto parts production bases in the “East, South, and North” are gradually established. That is, the eastern part is based on the Development Zone, Zengcheng, and Huangpu Industrial Parks, and parts of the Guangzhou Automobile Group The company, as the main body, has formed a series of product supporting capabilities; in the north, Huadu Automobile City is the main base, and has attracted more than 20 auto parts companies to invest and settle in, with a total investment of approximately RMB 2 billion; the south will be accompanied by Toyota’s Settled and led the development of a number of parts and components companies.