Dust recovery rate of 92% Recovering more than 1 ton of urea every day Zhisheng company granulation tower “caps covered”

The red and white, towering prilling tower is a landmark building of urea production enterprises. Fujian Yongan Zhisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has a top-hat-like dust-removal tower at the top of the urea prilling tower rather than other domestic urea producers. This is a masterpiece of the company's overhaul last month. According to the person in charge of the company, the granulation tower “blocks” for more than one month, the dust recovery rate reached 92%, and the average daily recovery of urea is more than 1 ton. This alone can increase urea production by more than 360 tons per year, creating a direct economy. Benefit 600,000 yuan.

Zhisheng's ammonium bicarbonate production to urea project was put into operation in 1996, and it is a small-scale chemical fertilizer reform project during the national "8th Five-Year Plan" period. The urea prilling tower was originally designed for a set capacity of 60,000 tons and 60,000 tons for a total of 120,000 tons. With continuous technological changes, the company's annual urea production capacity has increased to over 200,000 tons today. Due to the relative lack of height and space of the prilling tower, the natural cooling of the fused urea is affected, and the urea compaction is easily caused and the product quality is affected. The company has adopted measures such as the installation of cooling fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed at the bottom of the packaging process and the granulation tower. Although the urea staking problem may be solved, it also leads to environmental problems such as excessive urea powder emissions.

In order to fundamentally solve the bottleneck imposed on the production of the prilling tower, at the end of April this year, the company combined an annual overhaul and invested 720,000 yuan to install atomizing nozzles, flushing nozzles and circulation on top of a 76-meter-high urea prilling tower. The pump, and stainless steel panels around a 4 meters high, nearly 20 meters in circumference, the shape of a dust cap tower. In the production process, the dedusting tower uses urea analytical waste liquid to wash urea dust, and all the washing liquid is recycled for the system to recycle, solving the problem of recovery of urea analytical waste liquid and urea powder, and achieving a good effect of reducing pollution and increasing efficiency.

It is understood that there are currently 120 small urea enterprises in the country. In existing small urea enterprises, urea prilling towers are generally configured with a diameter of 12 meters and a height of 64 meters. Many companies have increased their production capacity in continuous technological transformation but have not reconstructed the prilling tower. The reconstitution of a prilling tower that matches the production capacity requires continuous operation for 100 days, with an investment of about 6 million yuan. The dust-removal of “caps” on the top of the prilling tower saves money and saves time. The implementation of this transformation, Zhisheng company is the first in a small urea company.