Coating equipment usher in development opportunities

Painting equipment is widely used in spray, paint, drying, electroplating and other hardware industries, especially in the automotive, small appliances, furniture, motorcycle industry, electrical and mechanical industries and other hardware product manufacturing applications are more common.

Coating equipment mainly includes electric drying oven, hot air circulating oven, high temperature fuel sintering oven, spray machine, spray equipment, electrostatic generator, powder spraying equipment, painting equipment, pretreatment equipment, electroplating heating equipment, vacuum furnace and resistance. Furnace, paint explosion-proof equipment and so on. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic hardware industry and the increasing demand for the hardware industry in foreign countries, as the auxiliary and supporting project for the host production, the coating industry has also ushered in new opportunities for development, and in my In the production and manufacturing of the eight pillar industries in the city, the application of painting equipment is almost everywhere. Security products such as security doors, weighing instruments, electric tools, stainless steel products, automobile and motorcycle fittings, small household appliances and vehicles are everywhere. The shadow of the painting equipment operation.

Painting equipment is not a new thing in recent years. As early as the beginning of the operation of the hardware industry, the painting equipment also made its debut, stepping into its historical stage. However, for many years, the sales of painting equipment have been at the same time as other traditional industries, and the industry has ushered in great development opportunities in recent years. The rejuvenation of traditional industries, the sudden emergence of emerging industries, the flourishing development of characteristic industries, and the enhancement of product internal quality and external requirements have driven the further development of the coating equipment industry. The continuous improvement and innovation of painting equipment, the gradual improvement of performance, the increasing degree of refinement, and the increasingly widespread application fields also directly promote the development of the host industry to higher quality. In order to meet the requirements of the rapid development of industrial enterprises, in recent years, the application of painting equipment has also changed the inconvenience caused by fragmented processing in the past, and actively adopted streamline production methods in response to the demand for more rationalization and exquisite product structure and process. , Such as security doors, vehicles, power tools, scales, stainless steel products and many other large-scale production companies from the spray, dusting, baking paint to drying, electroplating and other basic implementation of one-stop production, greatly improving the production efficiency at the same time also increased The product's internal quality and external requirements.

Currently, the sales of painting equipment are not only a very important place for Yongkang’s local occupation, but also the sales of other provinces and cities such as Jiangsu, Guangdong, Nanchang, Jinan, and Chongqing, as well as Wuyi, Jinhua, Dongyang and other neighboring counties and cities. Big. At the same time, the booming development of painting equipment has also spurred air compressors, compressed air filters, phosphating baths, pretreatment materials, plastic powder and other small accessories such as air pipes, air guns, tees, valves, and clamps. Heads, joints and other equipment sales boom.