Aluminum alloy lift 4 types of advantages analysis

Aluminum alloy lift 4 types of advantages analysis

Aluminum alloy lifts are divided into single-column aluminum alloy lifts, double-column aluminum alloy lifts, three-column aluminum alloy lifts, four-column, six-column collectively referred to as multi-column aluminum alloy lifts, the following Jinan Huagong Xiao Bian gave everyone the introduction of various types of Advantages! Make it easy for customers to combine their own use conditions

1. ? Single-column aluminum alloy lifter: The single-column support platform is the earliest aluminum alloy lifter. The machine is light in weight and flexible in movement. The aluminum alloy lifting table is suitable for single-person operation. After the condensation, it can enter the general standard doorway and elevator of the building. The load capacity 100KG increased 4-10 meters. ? ?

2. Double-pillared aluminum alloy elevator: The new-generation product of the meter is refined with high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profile, the deflection and the swing of the lifting table are minimal. The double stern column structure has large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation, and convenient implementation. Its lightweight appearance can exert the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. The lift is widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums and so on. Aluminum alloy elevators can be used for high-altitude operations such as installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines, and high-altitude cleaning. The load 200KG increased 4-12 meters.

3. Three mast aluminum alloy elevators: Three groups of mast supporting platforms synchronously lift and retract, the structure of the single column with the branch and retreat structure, with large load capacity and excellent working stability. The integral lifting and guardrail device has good strength, and the height of the entire machine is greatly reduced during transportation, and loading and unloading are very convenient, and assembly or disassembly can be completed by one lift. The lift has strong carrying capacity and is suitable for two people (which can carry certain weight tools and materials) to climb at the same time; the aluminum alloy lifter can also be made into various non-standard products according to different environments to meet different needs.

Load 200KG? 6-16 meters higher

4. Multi-span column aluminum alloy elevator: The overall use of high-strength aluminum profile is refined due to the high strength of the profile, the use of four-post column structure, excellent stability, flexible operation, large carrying capacity, large platform area, and easy implementation. With its lightweight appearance, the aluminum alloy lifter can perform the highest lifting capacity in an extremely small space. So that the deflection and oscillation of the elevator is very small. 200KG - 8-20 meters higher


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