Xiang torch enters the main automobile parts to expand "the way"

"Parts are the foundation of the automotive industry. Without a strong component industry support, the development of the automobile industry will lack a foundation and there will be no initiative for industrial development." Shao Qihui was at the "2003 China Automotive Industry Development Forum". As a result of the accusations, "we have developed independently over the years, but many people do not realize that vehicle development work not only requires a good vehicle system matching design, but also can meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. Support for development of parts and components."

The Hunan Torch Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Tian Torch") has made a new "money pass" with its steady style in the parts and components market.

On November 8, 2003, Xi'an Eaton Fast Gear Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Fast Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. were established. Xi'an Eaton Fast Gear Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by American Eaton Corporation, China Xianghuo Torch Investment Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. for a total of US$29.8 million. Xi'an Fast Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. is established by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. with an investment of RMB 500 million.

Xi'an Eaton Fast Gear Co., Ltd. occupies an area of ​​200 mu, and mainly develops, designs, assembles, and sells new heavy-duty automobile transmissions. The annual output value after the production reaches 3 billion yuan, and the annual profit and tax can reach 600 million yuan. Xi'an Fast Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. mainly produces Fuller transmission assembly parts and various export gear products, and provides supporting services for Xi'an Eaton Fast Gear Co., Ltd.

On November 25, 2003, Huoxiang Torch Investment Co., Ltd. and Hanjiang Gear Factory jointly invested nearly RMB 100 million in an automobile transmission production base, which was completed in Qiaohe, Gunan Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing City. The base's annual production capacity will reach 60,000 sets of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions, 10,000 sets of power take-offs and differentials, and 150,000 sets of spiral umbrella teeth. Therefore, Minjiang Gear Factory will become the largest automobile transmission production base in Chongqing and even Southwest China.

At the end of the year of 2003, the torch sparked by the cold winter was intended to ignite the reorganization of auto parts and heat the parts and components market at the end of the year.

Take a single spark plug - the way to big auto parts

As the former Zhuzhou spark plug factory of Hunan Torch Investment Co., Ltd., it was reorganized into a state-controlled listed company in 1993. In 1997, Xinjiang Delong Group accepted the 25.7% state-owned equity of the total shares of Hunan Torch held by Zhuzhou State-owned Assets Bureau. The first major shareholder of Hunan Torch. The torch’s investment philosophy is to extend the new value of traditional industries. In 1997, the Torch in the single product spark plug in the domestic market share of the first on the basis of the same time, along with the Xinjiang Delong the owner, Hunan Torch also began its pace of industrial integration - De Long said to the Hunan torch is the way Development of "big auto parts" strategy - 1999 acquisition of competitors - the United States, the largest brake system importer MAT and its 9 joint ventures in China 75% stake, not only achieved 15% of the United States auto parts import market Share, so that the year achieved 150 million US dollars in sales in the United States, but also became the world's largest supplier of brake systems.

Zhuzhou Xiang Torch Spark Plug Co., Ltd. is currently the largest spark plug R&D and manufacturing base in China. The company accounts for 40% of the domestic market, and its annual growth rate of product exports is 20%. It is exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After the spark plugs, piston pins and other components became the first in the country, the Hunan Torch entered the automobile gear industry one after another. On September 25, 2001, Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. was established. Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd. and Qijiang Gear Transmission Co., Ltd. were established on December 16 and 28, 2002. After this, on June 27, 2003, the Hunan Torch entered the Chongqing Chongqing Kafu Chongqing and Kafu established the Chongqing Kafu Automotive Brake Steering System Co., Ltd.

The Hunan Fast Automobile Gear Co., Ltd. under the Hunan Torch Co., Ltd. holds an 80% market share in the domestic heavy-duty vehicle transmission industry. It has many years of technical cooperation and gear export cooperation with Eaton Corporation of the United States, and has an annual output of 100,000 EATON gearboxes. Capacity, which accounts for 70% of domestic heavy-duty heavy-duty gearboxes, ZF gearbox accounts for 85% of the market share of domestic high-end passenger car gearboxes. With annual output of 2 million gears and 15,000 tons of automotive forgings. Has the right to import and export, while the United States has a Fast Gear distribution company.

Fast's products are matched with dozens of large-scale mainframe plants throughout the country (such as FAW, FAW, Shandong Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Chongqing Hongyan, and Liuzhou Automobile). In the automotive gear industry is in a leading position.

Minjiang Gear Factory has more than 85% market share in the domestic high-end passenger car transmission industry and has long-term technical cooperation with German ZF.

Zhuzhou Gear Factory has leading advantages in the wheel speed reducer, splitter and micro transmission industry. The teeth share 49% in the Steyr Bridge Gear Market, 7% in the EQ153 Bridge Gear Market, and 11% in the 457 Bridge Gear Market.

Following the success of the Fast, Ziya, and Qiang teeth, the Hunan Torch will once again be the largest Steyr Bridge production base in the country, and Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd., which has the most advanced imported axle production line in China, in 2003. March 23 was incorporated.

As an importer of Steyr Technologies in 83 years, it is a Steyr Bridge production base for Shandong Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck and Chongqing Hongyan. The company's series of axle products have been mass-assembled in our military heavy off-road vehicles and commercial trucks. The company has established a stable cooperative relationship with more than ten companies such as Beiqi Foton, Shandong CNHTC, Shaanxi Zhongqi, Dongfeng Liuqi, Qingdao FAW, and Jiangsu Chunlan. In 2003, the company launched a single-stage drive axle and trailer support shaft. Steyr widening bridge and the introduction of the German MAN company's heavy-duty automotive front axle assembly (7.5T class) once received the expert users praise. In 2 to 3 years, a heavy axle production base with an annual output of 100,000 bridges will be built.

At the same time, the Hunan Torch will also have an annual production scale of 300,000 units. China’s second-ranked automotive air-conditioning compressor company, Mudanjiang Futong Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., will be subordinate to it.

After several years of development, the Torch's auto parts cover the key components of heavy-duty vehicles, such as heavy-duty axles, passenger car chassis, heavy-duty transmissions, transfer cases, gears, automotive interior parts, brake systems, spark plugs, and piston pins. , air conditioning compressors, steering gear, car lights mirrors, car appliances, etc. The goal of the Hunan Torch as a strong automobile component has been achieved.

The total assets of Xianghuo Torch Co., Ltd. increased from 366 million yuan in 1997 to 5.471 billion yuan at the end of 2002, an increase of about 15 times; the strategic transformation and strategic upgrade of the main business resulted in a substantial increase in business revenue.

Torch broadens its future into the heavy vehicle industry

The secret of the Torch's repeated investment in the auto parts industry is that the investment in the automobile industry chain has broadened the “toll” for the Torch Torch, and the successful investment in the auto industry chain has expanded the scope of the torch into the main vehicle. The road. After the auto parts were made strong, the Hunan Torch turned its sights on the vehicle manufacturing.

Of course, facing the series of hurricane-like corporate mergers and acquisitions of the Hunan Torch, people can't help but think of the "capital predators" behind Deron. An expert in the securities industry who is familiar with the situation of the capital market stated that as the largest shareholder of the Hunan Torch, Delong’s usual practice is that once a certain area of ​​a certain industry becomes stronger, it will soon extend toward relevant industries to improve The entire industry chain. Delong's intervention in the automotive industry is an expansion from upstream components to vehicle manufacturing and may involve service links in the future. In other words, unlike other companies that directly cut into vehicle manufacturing, DeLong plans to compete on the entire industrial chain. The fact is that in the past two years or so, the Torch has continuously increased its investment in the automotive industry, and has invested more in cooperation with prominent companies in the automotive industry.

To reach new heights, you have to change longer struts. After the Torch has developed a "money pass" for auto parts, it will extend its tentacles to the vehicle.

After the torch development in 2002, the road to illness was like lightning. In July 2002, the Hunan Torch and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. jointly established the Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle Company. In August 2002, the Hunan Torch and Shaanxi Automotive Group formed a joint venture to produce heavy-duty vehicles. In December, the Hunan Torch jointly formed a joint venture with Chongqing Heavy-duty Truck Group and Delong International Strategic Investment Company to establish Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Company to produce heavy-duty vehicles. The Hunan Torch Group also owns Shaanxi Auschut Automotive Co., Ltd., which is a leading manufacturer of bus-specific chassis and large passenger vehicles.

According to the report of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, the Hunan Torch entered the Shaanxi Automobile Group in 2002 and its sales revenue quickly rose to 2.7 billion yuan. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck increased its revenue from more than 50 billion yuan in 2000 to 2.7 billion in 2002, and will achieve sales of 4 billion in 2003. During the three years, the sales revenue of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck quadrupled. In 2003, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck achieved a good performance in sales growth of more than 60%. In 2003, it exceeded its market share in the 15 tons or more market, leading the way. On September 19th of the same year, the Deron F2000 was called the third-generation heavy-duty vehicle by the industry.

For a long time, the monopoly of heavy-duty vehicles with a capacity of more than 15 tons was in the hands of three heavy-duty truck manufacturers (Shandong), Chongqing Heavy Duty Truck and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck. Through the merger and reorganization, Hunan Heavy Torch Co., Ltd. has already had two heavy-duty truck giants and has become a major supplier of heavy-duty vehicles of more than 15 tons in China. In particular, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck and Chongqing Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. are the production bases of national military heavy-duty vehicles. Only Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. owns 95% of its military vehicles in more than 5 tons of off-road vehicles, and its civilian vehicle is also the largest production enterprise with more than 15 tons of heavy vehicles in the country, accounting for 30% of the total market share. In the year of 2003, Shaanxi Heavy-duty Trucks will produce and sell 12,000 heavy-duty trucks, and Chongqing Hongyan heavy-duty trucks will produce more than 16,000 vehicles.

The torch products of Hunan include: heavy-duty trucks (haulers, dump trucks, special vehicles, modified vehicles, etc.) and military off-road vehicles. At present, the Hunan Torch Annually produces and sells nearly 30,000 heavy-duty trucks, and has nearly 50% of the domestic heavy-duty trucks with a market share of nearly 50%. The Torch has become China's largest military off-road vehicle production base and the third-generation off-road vehicle production base of our army.

After three phases of development, the Hunan Torch has developed its business structure from a single product in 1997 to a multi-category business. Within five years, the product has achieved a spark plug--big auto parts--whole leap in vehicle manufacturing.

In the past five years, the sales revenue of the Torch has increased from 150 million yuan to nearly 3.9 billion yuan. It has successfully built two major industrial platforms for heavy-duty vehicles and auto parts, and has a large number of influential well-known brands and serial products. The Torch has become a large industrial group with 30 molecular companies and businesses throughout the country and North American countries.

In the "China's top 500 enterprises in 2003", the Hunan Torch ranked 347 and ranked 32nd in the "China Machinery 500". During the six years from 1997 to 2003, the Torch successfully achieved from a single spark plug to the production of heavy-duty auto parts and components, and then to the leap of auto vehicle manufacturing. The main business income was from 100 million yuan to 10 billion yuan in 2003. With the leapfrogging, the annual export volume spanned from US$1 million to US$300 million.

"Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently". In the past six years, the Hunan Torch has taken the habit of not being hyped and unassuming in the auto industry to attack the city. The torch from the entire industrial chain into the automotive industry its generous style, no different than the formation of parts and heavy truck industry, the real "Torch Flag."

Torch phenomenon analysis

Looking at the international and domestic situation. With the reorganization of the entire automobile company, it must be the adjustment of the procurement rules. "The parts with the best quality, the most advanced technology, the shortest delivery time and the best service" are the most followed by global procurement. The principle of good procurement will also become the new rules for the procurement of parts and components by domestic automobile companies, while the entire automobile vehicle will accelerate the time to market for new products, shorten the research and development time and reduce the cost of research and development, and systematic, synchronized development and modular supply will be The requirements for the development of parts and components companies require the establishment and formation of a “pago pagoda” supply structure system in the domestic parts and components industry, that is, the establishment and formation of one to three parts suppliers: Dike 峁┤缍 Α Α 5. 獭 獭 瞪怼 3. 瞪怼 谑 谑 20. 谑 谑 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 睦嗤暾 南 南 South 低 艹 艹 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 ( ( (4) ┯ ┯ 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 蛳蛞 ┯ ┯ ┯ ┯ ┯
At the same time, increasingly fierce market competition will inevitably lead to the large-scale integration of the once-congested domestic auto parts industry. According to the relevant forecast, by 2010, the total number of Chinese parts suppliers will decrease by 70%, and eventually 20 to 30 first-tier suppliers, 250 to 350 second-tier suppliers, and 1,250 to 1,500 third-tier suppliers will be formed. Based on its comprehensive strength, all parts and components companies will seek positioning in the "pago pagoda-style" supply system. At that time, several large-scale parts and large-scale components will be formed in the domestic auto parts industry. It is such a road that the torch of Hunan has gone.

In order to "snowball" the torch, the torch began with a single spark plug, followed the road of "big auto parts" and entered the vehicle manufacturing industry. The improvement of its industrial chain ensures that the torch chariot is rumbling forward.

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