Carpet Fringing Machine for Tufted Carpets

Model NO.: FX2200
Type: Carpet Overedging Machine
Trademark: FOXSEW
Transport Package: Cartons
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 8452
FOXSEW Carpet Fringing Machine is made for any type of woven and nonwoven materials tufted carpets, praying mats, table cloths, bed covers, shawls, sunblind, etc…

Carpet Fringing Machine for Tufted CarpetsCarpet Fringing Machine for Tufted Carpets

Model Thread Speed Thickness Stitch Needle Motor G/N W. Size
FX2200 1 800 10 mm 3.5-6mm DGX7712 400W 60/55 63x42x57

Vertical Filter Press

Vertical Filter Press: also known as filter cloth full walking automatic filter press, appeared in 1960s in the former Soviet Union, after Germany, Finland, the United States and other countries have also made this kind of filter, widely used in nickel concentrate, Zinc Oxide extract, enzyme, starch, alkali slag, zeolite, copper concentrate and other products.

(1) short feeding time
The unique filter chamber grouting ensures the synchronous feeding of all the filter chambers, the pressure of the filter plate is uniform, the time of the slurry filling the filter chamber is short, and the filtration speed is much better than the fast opening press filter with the central feed.
(2) full automation
This equipment has the functions of filtering, filter cake washing, extrusion, air drying, automatic discharging, automatic cleaning filter and other functions. The PLC programmable controller and the signal control device set on the control points of the filter press together ensure the safety and reliability of the press filter to realize the automatic closed loop work. 100% automatic operation, no one needs a person. The labor intensity of the workers was reduced by the intervention of the workers.
(3) low water content of filter cake
High pressure diaphragm extrusion and high pressure air drying are adopted to reduce the moisture content of cake greatly.
(4) high yield
The filter plate is placed horizontally, and each filter plate is fed separately and quickly, and the material is fast and the output is high.
(5) regeneration of filter cloth
Equipped with filter cloth automatic cleaning device, wash both sides of filter cloth with clean water.
(6) the operating parameters can be adjusted at any time
The electric control cabinet uses a touch screen to display the real-time picture and data of every operation action of the filter press, and can adjust the pressure filter parameters for the user according to the change of the working condition.
(7) the pressure of the seal of the filter plate is high and the slurry is not sprayed.
The high pressure oil cylinder is pressed tightly and automatically keep pressure, so that the filter press can be reliably sealed under the press pressure of 1.6Mpa diaphragm.
(8) environmental protection
Filtrate and high pressure wind are discharged in the form of undercurrent, thus reducing the pollution to the operating environment.
(9) durable
The whole machine adopts four column frame structure, all steel filter plate, and the equipment is durable.
(10) a large amount of human resources can be saved
In the normal production process, there is no need for personnel to be on-site guarded or one person to watch many vertical units.

Vertical Filter Press

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