After 7 years, the output value of parts and components will exceed 100 billion

On Friday, government agencies and industry associations jointly organized a large-scale auto parts industry information exchange meeting for more than 10 auto manufacturers and more than 100 auto parts manufacturers. Ping Xinguang, director of the Guangzhou Economic Commission, attended the meeting. It was pointed out that the city of Guangzhou will start with six aspects and achieve a leap-forward development of the parts and components industry. By 2010, the output value will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Build four major Corps of auto parts industry

According to the investigation by the Economic Commission, in August this year, there were over 200 companies producing parts and components in Guangzhou, with an output value exceeding 100 billion yuan. Ping Xinguang believes that Guangzhou's auto parts industry has begun to take shape.

He analyzed that at present, Guangzhou auto parts enterprises have diversified development. The first is the diversification of investment sources. Although Japanese-funded enterprises are the main players, Europe and the United States are following up and private capital is increasing. In addition, the industry of parts and components industry is also gradually forming. The first is in the east: Development Zone, Zengcheng, and Huangpu District; the second is in the north of Huadu's Motor City where 25 households are settled, with a total investment of RMB 200 million. The third is that with the entry of Toyota of Japan, a group of parts and components companies will be established to settle around Nansha. The fourth is the planned automobile industry park in Baiyun District. Ping Xinguang also revealed that so far, Guangzhou has a total of 25 auto parts projects under construction.

Taking the initiative to take the joint venture

According to the plan of Guangzhou, by 2010, the scale of auto parts in Guangzhou will reach 80 billion to 100 billion. The ratio of the production value of finished vehicles to the output value of parts and components also increased from 1:0.31 last year to 1:0.67.

In order to achieve this leap-forward development, Ping Xinguang believes that efforts should be made in the following six aspects.

The first is to quickly expand the existing scale. Guangzhou City will encourage leading component companies and upstream and downstream companies to merge and promote their restructuring. The first stage goal is to turn qualified companies into national suppliers. Then, with the help of multinational corporations' global purchasing and sales networks, a group of competitive companies gradually play an international supplier role.

The second is proactive joint ventures and cooperation. Auto parts manufacturers must not only integrate internal resources, but also learn to integrate external resources. It is an important way to bring the original supporting enterprise of the automaker to Guangzhou by grafting and grafting.

The third is to improve the technical level of auto parts and innovation capabilities of enterprises. Guangzhou has a good foundation for the development of electronic information, and automotive electronics should be able to integrate with it.

The fourth is to do everything possible to expand exports. As China has the advantage of labor prices and huge market capacity, Guangzhou is fully qualified to undertake the transfer of the world's auto parts industry. It is necessary to strive to establish a multinational company's Chinese export base in Guangzhou.

Fifth, vigorously develop e-commerce in the auto parts industry.

Sixth, we will introduce and cultivate human resources for automobiles and related professionals.